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A sister makes a bargain with her terminally ill brother. He agrees to let her use his sperm if she comes out to her family that night at their grandmother's birthday dinner.

Matt has been undergoing chemo in hopes of returning back to his tech sales career.  His closeted sister Kate meanwhile is worried her only chance at raising a biologically-related child rests in her brother’s genes.  As they return to their family home to celebrate their grandmother’s birthday, the siblings struggle to discuss their predicaments with the family.

Tooth and Nail is a comedy/drama written by Sara Shaw and Amanda Verwey, starring Rebecca Henderson (Appropriate Behavior, Mistress America), Alex Kramer (The Path), Shae D’lyn (Boardwalk Empire, Dharma & Greg), Lee Wilkof (School of Rock, High Maintenance), and Lynn Cohen (Sex and the City, The Hunger Games). It was executive produced by Desiree Akhavan (Appropriate Behavior) and produced by Mollye Asher (The Rider).